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Does your team stink?

Does your team stink?

But you know the old saying; “just one rotten apple can spoil the barrel”…

As a business owner, company director or manager in a business, it is imperative to get the right people, in their suited roles to ensure that the business functions productively and in a cohesive fashion.

Another good reason to have the right people working for you is that they make your life so much easier!

The quality and effectiveness of a team can also be cyclical;

– new group of employees

– new goals

– new management

-new projects

The team can come together with little in common other than the common goal of the business and with the right leadership can be converted into a very effective, productive, profitable team of individuals who love what they are doing.

Often in big organisations leadership and management are moved around, recruited or promoted to take on evolving or new tasks or projects.

Someone who may have all the skills and attributes to do a specific role in the business may not be suited to a new idea, service or product that needs developing and launching.

Getting new people in to guide the future direction of the business can be imperative.

They say that a change is as good as a holiday, a change in staff, management or task can potentially give your business that breath of fresh air!

But what do you do when one, two or three of your team are for what ever reason “stuck in their ways” refusing to adapt, refusing to change and knocking back every idea that gets bought up…

You know the one…

– That cant work

– That wont work

– We cant compete with that

– Management don’t understand

– They are so much better over there

– We have to give them the best price or we will lose them to the opposition

They are really rotten and can impact on everyone else in the team.


Here’s what you can do when you have a rotten apple in your bunch!

Plan a team meeting and let everyone know what will be on the agenda

  • Ask them to document their ideas on each of the agenda points
  • Set the parameters “every idea is a good idea”
  • For every problem have two solutions
  • The outcome we want to achieve from the meeting is “Y”

If you fear that the meeting may be hijacked by the bad apples, allocate each attendee a time to present their ideas and give the bad apples the last times to present in the group

Pre-frame the meeting that it is the groups responsibility to achieve the outcome “Y” for the day

If you find the bad apples don’t change, will not change and continue to be a destructive influence on the team, I can give you a single question that you can ask of the person that will solve the problem instantly or have them resign on the spot…

  • it isn’t offensive
  • it doesn’t involve yelling or screaming
  • it doesn’t involve insulting anyone

Either way it is better for the success of your business….

If you would like to learn how to run team meetings, get more out of your staff, have them love coming in, taking less sick days and leaving later and you want to know how, well we can help!

At ABC Business Improvement we have or are assisting builders, tradesmen, retailers, restaurants, wholesalers, manufacturers, mechanics, professional service providers like accountants, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, importers/ exporters and we can assist you too!

At ABC Business Improvement we will organise a meeting where you will;

–         Uncover the challenges you are facing

–         Define a path to overcome them

 –         Create a first step plan to move forward

 –         Gain a sense of excitement and relief, knowing where you are going

Be one of the first 5 people to contact me this week and we will schedule a “just one question” strategy session today!

Life rewards those who take action!


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