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Terrorism – questions from a 6 year old boy….

Terrorism – questions from a 6 year old boy….

Tonight, I read a post on Facebook from a friend of mine who has a couple of boys around the same age as mine, 6 years old.

“Mum, why would someone blow up a bomb at an airport?”

“Was it evacuated?”

“Did the planes leave before they got on fire?”

“What is a terrorist attack?”

“Why did they do it?”

“Are people hurt?”

My friend then went on to say that she was “caught off guard” and didn’t know what to say and what should she say!?!”

Without knowing what had happened, Brussels having two bombs go off in the departure lounge, my immediate response was “more people die in the world from mosquito’s, fatal hippopotamus attacked and suicide than from terrorism…

Once I say the news online, I revisited the feelings I had when the previous attacks happened in Europe, in Sydney last year and finally when Sandra Sully announced the start of World War three, on that fateful day the Americans remember as 9/11.

Terrorism has an initial impact that creates fear, helplessness and then anger. Trying to counter terrorism in conventional ways is like attempting to grasp water, it just slips through your fingers, they harder you try to snatch at it, the quicker it weaves between your fingers and returns to where it was prior to you disturbing it.

The only way to contain water is to slowly cup your hands around the water, to ensure you do not disturb it, make your hands water tight and then gently lift up your hands in unison and you are more likely than not going to hold onto more water than you drop…

Conventional methods of containing terrorism in the 21st century have to pass through the politically correct box, we can still go in and bomb them but there can’t be woman or children in the vicinity.

We must have irrefutable proof that someone is a terrorist and that they have or are just about to commit a terrorist act. If we can’t prove this, then we must watch them until it is imminent or they do. All part of the innocent until proven guilty theory.

Terrorism isn’t anything new…

It has been around for millenniums “could the Trojan horse be the first example of pre-planned terrorism attack?” … I don’t know…

The English have practised terrorism in the middle east since the second world war…The Americans have practiced it for decades in the middle east as well, some would suggest that the current techniques implemented from the lone wolves have been learned from the Americans and born out of the foreign policy America has also implemented in the middle east when they turn ‘neighbour against neighbour’.

ISIS some say was created (encouraged) by the Americans to knock off the al qaeda terrorist organisation and to then over throw the Syrian government, part of the destabilising and bringing to democracy of the middle east.

Australians in war have often worked with the locals to avoid hatred and bitterness. We have got the job done, without unnecessary carnage and without making the locals hate us.

In a position of power, it is very easy to leverage that power and remove others dignity, Australia has always been firm, courageous and fair and our enemies have been grateful and respected us for that.

When General Cosgrove took East Timor without a casualty, the Pentagon put him up for over a week, asking him how he did it and why was he so successful at doing it?

Unfortunately in a world impacted by terrorism, where the terrorist act is magnified x 1M, by the media and used by the governments in power to maintain power, the truth is lost…

What can we do?

  1. Focus on what we can control
  2. Elect people we trust to do the right thing, to deal with the problem the “Australian Way”
  3. We cant beat terrorism with terrorism
  4. We must beat terrorism by showing that living with love, kindness, peace and empathy is a better way to live than it is to live with hate, vengeance and bitterness
  5. Remind ourselves daily about the value of life and be grateful for what we have
  6. Teach our kids about the value of life and for them to be grateful for everything they have
  7. Remember that freedom is there for those prepared to stand up for it
  8. Question the methods our governments are using to counter terrorism v’s stealing our individual human rights
  9. Remove the politically correct filters that allow the tiny minority to get away with being free whilst the lawful majority have to live in fear…

It could be time for a political shake up…

Be grateful for the wealth, freedom, opportunities and lifestyle we have in Australia and never forget it was our Australian ancestors that fought for it in the past, my grandfather included and it will take a new way to deal with the current enemy, but regardless we must be prepared to once again stand up for our freedom, so that our children can grow to enjoy the benefits of being Australian, the same way that we have.

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