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My wife surprised me with a new Harley Davidson!

My wife surprised me with a new Harley Davidson!

I was speaking with George Veaudry recently. We were conducting a review of the progress he has made since engaging ABC Business Improvement to assist with his improving the performance of his building business, Auscon Builders.

When George called me, just over 18 months ago, he was going through a tough time. He had split from his business partner and was going through the separation of assets process, refinancing with the bank and at the same time keeping the business running and building houses, he needed outside help and wanted to change the way things had been running for some time, that was 18 months ago, this is what happen this week…

At the start of our meeting, George mentioned that on the weekend his wife Tania asked him to go for a drive to Morley and George thought “Here we go, she wants to take me to look at a house in Mt. Lawley, she wants to buy for a couple of million”…

As the drive progressed, he started guessing, is it the house, is it clothes shopping, could it be food shopping?

It didn’t take long to get there and Tania pulled up out the front of Fraser Motorcycles in Morley.

You see George had promised himself a ‘reward’ if he achieved the goal that he had set for himself and for his business, specifically over the last 3 months. That reward was a new Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle!

Now George was chuffed and over the moon at his Wife Tania’s offer and keen to take her up on it. But he did want to weigh it all up (again). I spoke with George at Coco’s restaurant in South Perth on Tuesday and this is just a snippet of what we discussed at our 6 hour meeting…

We have developed a very powerful value propositi0n for his business. The logo and branding reflects that USP.

He has employed extremely experienced people around him in the key areas of the business to ‘bring him up’ and take him and Auscon Building to the next level, instead of dragging him down by having to continually train new in experienced staff.

Take the systems, processes and turn around time to a new level and then implement that as the new bench mark. George developed a 4 unit site in around four months and the speed and accuracy of this investment project rollout from start to completion, has become his bench mark for all projects moving forward.

You see it is all about progress v’s perfection.

  • Marketing
  • Scripts
  • Systems, IT and automation
  • Processes
  • Management
  • Meetings
  • All aspects that we have focused on and implemented into the business

George has cleared a mountain of debt and has cash in the bank, money and  plan that he has never had accumulating before in his life!

Would you like what George is experiencing?

Would you would like help developing a strategy to reduce your stress, provide you with double your sales and profit, time off and a business you are proud of, in just one year, contact me for a meeting and we will identify the multiple ways you can achieve this.

Don’t let the next financial year suffer the same outcome of lost opportunities that this last year may have….

At ABC Business Improvement we will organise a meeting where you will;

–         Uncover the challenges you are facing

–         Define a path to overcome them

 –         Create a first step plan to move forward

 –         Gain a sense of excitement and relief, knowing where you are going

 Lets get your business booming!


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