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Merry Christmas from the Buttsworths!

Merry Christmas from the Buttsworths!

Well another year has gone past and as we always say, this year seems to have gone the fastest!

This last year we have seen so much global upset, Middle East, Russia, floods, earth quakes,  etc… but on the home front we have held our own…

Sticking with the saying know what you can control and what you can’t, we have focused on the most important thing in our lives, our kids.

We did a number of activities this year that stand out…


  • The boys presented at the school assembly and did it with wonderful confidence
  • Sienna and the boys did well in their reports and were much more consistent
  • Melina organised a fund raiser for the people of Nepal after the earth quake devastation and raised around $1000 from friends and family
  • We launched Ecana 9.5pH high alkaline water and that is in over 150 stores and pharmacies in WA, to date, exciting things on the horizon for 2016
  • We added on another 3 rooms so that the boys will have a games room and each of the kids get a bredroom

But by far the most exciting event to take place for us this year is the birth of my 4th child, Thomas Boyd. He came into the world on the 12th November and weighed in at 6.85 pounds.

So he is nearly 6 weeks old now and weighing about 10 pounds. We are grateful he is healthy and finally got 3 ½ hours sleep in between feeds last night!

Having 4 kids has always been high on my list of goals to achieve and I am so happy that it has come to fruition.

We are heading down to Busselton in the New Year for some relaxing and fishing and Bali a little later in 2016…

2016 looks like being a really exciting year with more products to launch for the Ecana organic and natural range, the boys go into grade 1 in primary school and I am also launching a new business called Business Exit Strategy, which is an extension of the ABC Business Improvement business.

On behalf of Melina, Sienna, Jack, Hugo, Thomas and my self, we hope you and your loved ones are well and that 2015 has been good to you, that 2016 being a year full of fun, excitement, growth, love and peace for you and all you love!



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