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Do you know someone like this?

Do you know someone like this?

Do you know someone who might be struggling in business?

Maybe they are working crazy hours, just struggling to pay the bills or have a team of people who walk all over them…

I know how hard it can be to watch someone you care about struggle with a business that could be performing so much better.

I have personally dealt with team, time and cash flow problems myself and it nearly ruined my life…

I remember I used to get home from work, late on Christmas eve, help set up for Christmas day, be so tired on Christmas day that I would  have a couple of drinks and then sleep all afternoon, missing all the fun and festivities!

When I discovered a way to grow customers, manage people, generate consistent cash flow and the skill of delegation, I felt like a new person.

The true test for me is when I got back to the business after a 3-4 week holiday and walked up to the staff for the first time and they say “what are you doing here, we don’t need you here, go back on holiday!”

I would turn around with a sulky look on my face and then when I got back to the office do a Layton Hewett “come on!” because I know that I was now able to work on the business and in the business what ever way I wanted, when I wanted it…


For the last 15 years, I have learned from some of the best mentors in Australia, the US and Europe and then shared what I have learned with my clients in the areas of Marketing, Time Management, People Management, Systemisation and Profit Maximisation.  I have launched marketing programmes that have gone National, into the US and Canada.

I’m really passionate about sharing my work with more people.

My schedule is quite full these days, but in 2016 I’m focusing on getting my work out in a bigger way, so much so that I’ve decided to open up a few spots for Free Consultations in February.

Do you know someone who could use some mentoring, support and advice to help them to get over a marketing, cash flow, team management or profitability challenge?

I’ve decided to offer a number of free consultations (Change your business, change your life in 2016 strategy session) to a few business owners in need of help, in the month of February.

If you’ve got someone in your life who you would love to support, then how about you look at the email template I have done up for you (below) to modify and send to them, offering a complementary business improvement consultation. Put in the details that are true to you and then send it to them to introduce us.

(And if the person you know is You, I would be honoured to support you. Just follow the instructions in the email below.)



From: You, referring me to someone you know could use some help

To: Your Referral

SUBJECT: I want to introduce you to someone awesome!

Hi (referral name),

I want to introduce you to David Buttsworth he is an expert in helping business owners get back their lost time, develop a team of people (that are more passionate about the business than you are) and create reliable cash flow businesses through innovative and cost effective marketing strategies.

He’s been mentoring business owners in Perth, around Australia and overseas for over 15 years now. And, he’s helped business and companies generate over $100M in additional sales. Most of all, David has a huge heart and loves helping people. He knows what he is doing and has is very successful at it.

I have been receiving his weekly business improvement newsletter for years now and I thought of you because you’ve shared that you’ve been struggling with your business and I was hoping this introduction could support you.

David is quite busy, but has offered to give you a free consultation. If you’re still interested in improving your business then I recommend giving David Buttsworth from ABC Business Improvement a call.

His website is  And his work phone number is 1300 858 836.

I also copied him in on this email so you can respond to him via email if you prefer.

I recommend you give him a call right away, because his schedule in February is filling up fast.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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