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How successful do you want to be?

How successful do you want to be?

Often the services of a business mentor (or coach) are engaged by a business when the owner has exhausted every option that they could consider to stay afloat, what’s more to get the return on their business investment that they deserve, the type of return that comes in the form of financial freedom, spare time with the family and for holidays, having a talented and passionate team and the ongoing lifestyle that they deserve. Sadly, often it can be too late…

What we don’t hear enough about, is the business owners who engage a business mentor when they are doing OK, but they want to learn how to take their business to the next level of success and reward, which is exactly what Catherine Leach from Leach Legal continues to do…

When Catherine Leach (owner of Leach Legal) and I first started working together, it was back in 2009 and Catherine had her Legal Practice based in Wembley. Catherine had a staff of five or six and was looking at taking her business to the next level. Catherine was interested to lean more about the most innovative and proven methods to develop a business for the long term.

Like many professionals, Catherine was and is, extremely good at her chosen profession. Trained very well, highly qualified and always improving her legal skills to ensure Leach Legal is one of the most sort after Lawyers in Western Australia. In saying that Catherine also acknowledged that she was not formally trained in running a business, the key areas of  successful management being;

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Human Resource Development
  • Finance
  • Operational excellence

In our time working together, we have progresses through that list of business topics. The areas of business management that focus on the core competencies, that of being a great business operator in addition to being great in her chosen profession.

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Some 5 years later, I am pleased to say that Catherine and I are still working together, most recently from a marketing perspective. Leach Legal has grown from a legal practice with around 6 staff to now have a very professional and diligent staff of over 25. They have moved their practice from Wembley to the prestigious and professional business hub of West Perth.

Catherine Leach is not only one of the most professional, qualified and sort after lawyers in her chosen field, here in Western Australia, but also one of the most successful.

From a marketing perspective, Leach Legal is one of the most innovative Legal Firms in Western Australia. Their value proposition is excellent, their marketing second to none and their attention to detail, exceptional. The credit of this success, rests entirely with Catherine Leach who has and continues to be open to new ideas, trying new things in her endeavour to strive for greater excellence!

At ABC Business Improvement, we have worked with a number of extremely exciting and excellent business people…

We worked with a marketing company, also based here in Perth, Western Australia, who for its time, was debatably one of the best in their field, globally. They appeared on the BRW Rich List as one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in Australia. They had a business model that generated outstanding leads, which then educated, informed and excited its list of prospects about what was possible in their industry so much so that once converted to clients, these clients became extremely profitable.

The director and owner could have been ‘closed’ to the idea of learning any more, because he was already one of the best at what he was doing. To his credit, he was open to new ideas and trying new things and stepped into a business strategy that I had presented to him that addressed the problem he had with the fermentation process of his prospect list from prospect to client. It also assisted him to retain his clients longer…

Specifically what this strategy did for him was;

  • Capitalised on his massive database of prospects
  • Create an entry level of membership that allowed many prospects to step into his marketing services with little one on one contact, that was at an affordable price point for them
  • Up sell to a higher level of membership once they had become more profitable
  • Retain full membership clients for longer that 1 year, which had been the issue in the past
  • By creating an elite level of membership, he was able to create a special club for his successful business owners from all over Australia, to not only strive to become a part of but to remain a part of, year after year.

Small hinges swing big doors

What we have discovered working with start ups, to small, medium and larger businesses, is that the larger the business, often the easier they are to make profitable. The more established a business, the simpler it is to ‘fine tune’ and make wonderfully profitable. Hence the term used ‘small hinges swing big doors’. We can look at the key performance indicators in a business and make a few subtle changes and the results on the bottom line are extremely impressive.

A small businesses that is just starting up needs to get up on its own two feet fast, generate operating cash flow to first of all survive, then to thrive… Because only a handful of new business owners know this from the start, most of them fail in the first 5 years of operation.

You see, the bigger a business gets, often it can be tweaked to be extremely profitable, with a few thought out, modifications and adjustments.

Where is your business at the moment?

Are you well established but have gone off the boil?

Would you like more reward for your effort?

Would you like a team to be as passionate about the business as you are?

If you have gone slightly off track, you aren’t heading in exactly the right direction and wanting to discover exactly what the right direction is, we can help!

A problem shared is a problem halved!

Lets discuss at our meeting…


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