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How deep is your business gene pool?

How deep is your business gene pool?

It’s that time of the year when the AFL clubs have just completed their trades and they are now getting ready for the national draft.

So much goes into researching the quality of players that a club wants to recruit these days…

Its not just talent, it’s mental, physical, age and endurance based and even then, there is no guarantee of success.

Clubs are getting extremely strategic in the type of player that they recruit, how old the recruit is and what key position they can play, in order to give the club the best possible chance of premiership success.

The right players, with the right attitude, at the right time.

The same can be said about the research that the players put into finding the best club, the one that best matches their own professional and development needs, a club that they want to be transferred to where the process can take up to 18 months to work through.

The same should apply in business and in your business!

Let me explain…

When you have a look around you, go on have a look now at your;

  • business partner
  • accountant
  • sales executives and team members
  • operations manager/supervisors and staff
  • front line staff
  • financial services department

What do you see?

Does your team of people;

  1. Take the weight off your shoulders?
  2. Make working in your business a breeze and a delight?
  3. Do their individual jobs, better than you ever could?
  4. Know how important their role is in the business and do they focus on their tasks ensuring that everything they focus on is about driving profit back into the business?
  5. Come in early, go home late?
  6. Hardly take sick days and only do when you have to send them home near death?
  7. Love what they do, feel important and valued in the business?
  8. Look forward to their performance reviews?
  9. When you return from a long and relaxing holiday, tell you to go back on holidays because they don’t need you?

Or does this sound like some sort of sick fantasy?

I have worked with a number of organisations where this wasn’t the case, but after implementing a team alignment programme, over the course of 6 months, they completely turned around (or left so that you could recruit someone who better matched the culture you were attempting to cultivate in the business).

There is a number of personal transformations that need to take place for the business owner (director, general manager or manager) to go through in order to set the foundation for this change. It is not impossible but does take some thinking, planning, implementing and reminding.

When I was able to transform the team at the Symbion Pharmacy Group we worked through a process of;

Teamwork – the lost 10 wisdoms

  1. Team involvement – with setting plans, strategies, targets and rewards
  2. We worked cohesively towards the same goals and were rewarded accordingly
  3. We were supportive of each other
  4. Learned to trust and be trustworthy
  5. Committed to honesty, openness, fairness and integrity
  6. Were responsible and did what we said we would do
  7. Every problem identified had to have two suggested solutions
  8. Made the most of every opportunity and be prepared to try new things
  9. Were prepared to compromise
  10. Keep focused on the customer all times

By implementing these cultural and daily behaviour standards into the business, by holding each other accountable, by replacing those who leave the business with people who are prepared and want to work by these wisdoms, we were able to turn the business around from being the worst performing business in the Country to the most successful business in the country.

We were able to put on $100M in additional sales annually in a market that was in decline and saturated, where everyone of our competition competed on price, but we didn’t.

Would you like to know how to get your team to change and deliver for you what I have mentioned in this article, but you don’t know where to start, well we can help!

At ABC Business Improvement we have or are assisting builders, tradesmen, retailers, restaurants, wholesalers, manufacturers, mechanics, professional service providers like accountants, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, importers/ exporters and we can assist you too!

At ABC Business Improvement we will organise a meeting where you will;

–         Uncover the challenges you are facing

–         Define a path to overcome them

 –         Create a first step plan to move forward

 –         Gain a sense of excitement and relief, knowing where you are going

Be one of the first 5 to contact us this week and we will organise a ‘Dream Team’ strategy session today…

If you are ready to be challenged and you are sick of being stuck in your current predicament, I implore you to take up this offer.


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