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Here’s how to transform your business quickly!

Here’s how to transform your business quickly!

One of my newest clients has been in business for a number of decades and she is a very caring and giving person, someone you would welcome into your home, enjoy at a dinner party or at a get together…

In actual fact, I would say that about each of my clients…

The problem with this is that when we are nice people, we can be easy prey for;

  • Clients who wont pay on time, we can be a push over
  • Suppliers who look after us last, because we never complain
  • Staff who take advantage of our understanding and generosity


So how it works with people paying their accounts is often that the “squeaky wheel gets the oil”… I remember a company in Kwinana told their accounts payable person to only pay the suppliers who phoned up and demanded to be paid. The rest would be left until they were ready to call. The accounts payable openly told suppliers (when they finally called in) to call each month and they would be paid. So they did, and she organised payment! Lesson here, get noisy!


If you say “its OK, when you get around to it, that will be fine”. You are creating a culture where suppliers may leave you last on the list of , who gets the best service, best product, best deal or new offers… its no ones fault, just the way it works in some instances…


A few years back a client of mine who had been in business for a number of decades, successful business with national distribution, a fantastic guy, was taken advantage of by his staff so badly, it was sickening! His book keeper was studying at night and sleeping at her desk during the day (and being paid for it) his office staffs were coming in late, spending all day on Facebook and leaving early. His sales manager was selling product and installing it for clients and pocking the cash, unbelievable!

The problem will not be isolated, if we find that we are suffering in one area, it will often happen in all 3, unless…

We identify the problem and make the decision to not allow it to go on…

Start with just one…

Start with the first problem you identify and then start working through the issue;

  • Create the system
  • Communicate the new policy
  • Conduct the training
  • Enforce the new procedure

If you do all of the above, the new culture will be understood, developed and changed over time…

But what if you don’t have time?

Like the client of mine I mentioned at the start of this article, she did not have time to waste, she had ‘had enough’ of being taken advantage of and was now ready to start turning her business around, yesterday!

The key was to identify a potential employ to join the business, someone who excels in their field and can have an immediate impact on the business and when you get someone who can, they start changing things in the first week.

After their first month they have a handle on the most important things and it is time to start making wholesale changes!

The business will be transformed in 3 months and generating better profit that you have in years, potentially decades…

  • Are you sick of mediocrity?
  • Would you like to feel excited about your business?
  • Is it time to take back control of your baby?

It’s OK to be nice, but it might be time to set the boundaries so that you aren’t taken advantage of…

 Well if you are ready and the time is right, and you would like help in creating a business that works with these ideas in mind, but you don’t know where to start, we can help!

At ABC Business Improvement we have or are assisting builders, tradesmen, retailers, restaurants, wholesalers, manufacturers, professional service providers like accountants, lawyers, pharmacists, dentists, importers/ exporters and we can assist you too!

At ABC Business Improvement we will organise a meeting where you will;

–         Uncover the challenges you are facing

–         Define a path to overcome them

 –         Create a first step plan to move forward

 –         Gain a sense of excitement and relief, knowing where you are going

Be one of the first 5 to contact us this week and we will organise a ‘take back control of your business’ strategy session today…


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